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Close parent brand ambassador

The first reusable ever nappy that I tried on a five month old Willow, was a Close Parent pop in. I loved all of their funky prints, the snap in inserts and they're seemingly bomb proof double gusset. I had never heard of a double gusset before and not a clue what it meant, but it seemed to be a popular buzzword word on the cloth nappy pages.

I quickly learnt that I a huge fan of a double gusset, especially a pop in one. Willow always had quite big loose poos, the poonamis we had before we used cloth just wasn't a issue anymore. Over the last couple of years of having my Instagram account, I have been lucky to work alongside them supporting with their launches. It meant a lot to me, because you have a soft spot for the first brand you ever tried (trust me its a cloth mum kinda thing).

Taking this photo was such an achievement for me, especially after the planned cesarean which took me a few weeks to recover from. Hazel is only a couple of weeks old in this photo, every time I see it, it makes me smile and takes me back to that newborn bubble.

Close parent recently reached out and asked if I would like to be a brand ambassador. Of course I said yes, I was over the moon! I feel honored to be affiliated with a brand with such wonderful ethics. I cant wait to share more of my ambassador journey with you all as time goes on. If you arnt into cloth nappies, Close Parent do amazing slings, swim wear, wetbags, weaning products and reusable wipes. There is something for everyone, go and check them out.

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