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Spring has sprung

After the most unsettled night with the youngest bed sharing boobing baby, I peeled myself out of the house and made it to the park with the girls and a bag of supplies. We played in the park and then fed the ducks in the glorious much needed sunshine. As I walked home I thought that it was too nice out to go home go home for lunch, so I popped into the supermarket and grab a "nicnic" as Willow calls it.

We then spent another two hours outside enjoying the day and nibbling on nice food. For the first time in a long time I feel good and I feel is a glow to my skin. The girls enjoyed the time outside laughing and being able to see other people walking by. There was a moment where a little girl was walking into the park as Willow was walking out and they stopped and stared at each other for ages. It was endearing and saddening at the same time, children have been restricted from each others company for so long but I am hopeful it hasn't affected them when I see how confidentially she interacts with others.

All in all it was a blood lovely day. We are joining in with 1000 hours outside and it was lush to know we managed four whole hours outside today and colour in this on our chart when we got home! Have you guys heard of this and completing it yourselves? Get out and enjoy that spring air

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