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The blog is finally live!

Lifestyle, parenting, mental health and moreeee

“Not once did I think starting that Instagram account would lead me here but here I am, I am excited to see where this takes me.”

In 2019 I started an Instagram account but I wanted something more. I had included my children in the handle of my Instagram name but I recently I had been thinking it didn't represent me and what I was posting. My style has evolved over the time of having the account and I have started talking about different things. So today I went for it, I bit the bullet I changed to the name of this.lifeof.mine, it represents more of what I am doing and I thought it would tie in nicely for when I started my blog.

For the last eight months I have been tirelessly parenting two under two during a pandemic (not a sentence I ever expected to write). I had little brain power to think let alone create a blog, something I have absolutely no experience in. I've been feeling a lot more thinky lately, I think its due to coming to terms with the constant sleepless nights. There's something about the recent sunshine that peeked its head that's has also given me that much needed boost. Today I finally achieved something that I never thought I would never be able to, im so proud of myself for finally being able to have the brain power to get this blog going.

Its the little piece of the internet that I can call my own. I want to be able to share my tips and tricks for life and what better place for that than a blog. Not once did I think back in 2019 starting that Instagram account would lead me here but here I am. This blog has given me a voice on the internet, fingers crossed it reaches some of you and that you enjoy it here.

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