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Totsbots swim nappies

Think sun, think summer, think outdoor pool, think paddling pool in the sun. These colorful swim nappies take me there, I am getting really excited for when its hot and we can use these out and about and most definately not in a bloody lockdown.

When you imagine a swim nappy I bet you think white, disposable and heavy. Well not any more guys, I cant shout about these Totsbots swims enough. Easy to care for just chuck in the wash at 60 degrees, you never need to waste your money on disposable swim nappies ever again!. Soft and fleecy inside, stretchy velcro tabs which I think its great because I have changed a poo in a pull up swim nappy, spoiler alert it wasnt pleasant - a hose down was required.....

These come in a small size 1 and a larger size 2. I would say from using these on the girls, if you are buying for a child 12 months and under I would recommend a size one. Please choose according to the weight of your child, size one is apparently up to 20lbs but Hazel is quite petite and has growing room in the size 2s.

Overall I really like these and I cant wait to actually be able to use them outside of the house. When I told Willow we were going to take some photos in the swim nappies she got really excited and made swimming motions with her hands, she must have seen this on TV bless her :( . I explained pools were shut because of lockdown and promised to take her as soon as they opened.

She is mostly potty trained in the day (a very recent thing) but I am still going to use these in the pool in case we he have a code brown, and I will use them on her in the garden as swimming knickers as she called them.

Although swimming nappies were gifted all opinions are my own.

ADVENTURESWH15 can be used for 15% off at Totsbots- I do not make any money from this but its something for you if you wish to purchase anything from them

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